Professional sourcing sustain competitive price and quality


We are a seller to our customers, meanwhile we are a buyer too in China, so we understand our customers’ expectation to their suppliers very deeply - - A good supplier means they have below features:

- Good and stable quality;

- Competitive price;

- Acceptable payment terms;

- Reasonable lead time;

- Stable supply;

- Fast reaction to every request and complain.

So we are checking ourselves all the time to see if we meet the above mentioned standard. Through more than 10 years effort and experience, now we are implementing our service to all the links of the whole supply chain, to distinguish ourselves from others.



For our existing products, we have been very experienced, so we can quote very quickly and professionally with various choices, and all the suppliers are selected from years of cooperation. For new items, with our professional sourcing team:

Mr. Vito Li (15 years foreign trading experience)

Mr. Kevin Xue (15 years foreign trading experience)

Mr. Don Ning (15 years supply chain experience)

we can also give customers qualified quotation. Here our target is to offer customers fast and compatible solutions.



When quoting, our principle is not to make fast and big money, but to build a sustainable relationship with both of our customers and suppliers. We understand quality is always related to price, and good service can never be free of charge.



For our existing items, we are keeping regular meetings with our suppliers. For new items, we always insist to visit supplier before purchasing, so that we can secure the material quality, packing quality, stable supply and timely deliveries.

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