Company Profile

Rawchem SCM Co., limited was established in 2012, located in Nanjing, China,

working as the marketing company of Nanjing Lukai International Trading Co.,Ltd. It wasfounded by 3 partners:

Mr. Vito Li

Founder of Nanjing Lukai International Trading Co., Ltd.

15 years experience in international trading.

Professional in chemical products, especially in the raw chemical material for detergent industry.

Personal motto: Complicate myself to make others feel safe and easy. 

Mr. Kevin Xue

Partner of Rawchem SCM.

15 years experience in international trading and overseas engineering constructions.

Professional in organizing all kinds of raw material for various international projects.

Personal motto: Do everything by heart


Mr. Don Ning

Partner of Rawchem SCM.

15 years experience in international trading and logistics.

Professional in the trading and logistics of chemical products, especially in

food additives, dangerous goods.

Personal motto: Management creates value.


Our team realized that every complicated business is actually combined by many small simple parts, as a good supplier, our job is to organizing the parts well and manage the chain efficiently.

Our big target is to have a sustainable development by serving our clients as a stable and trusted supplier. And we are always dedicated to improve our service by better management to the supply chain. Our supply chain started from sourcing, quoting, ordering, purchasing, production, packing and marking, domestic transportation, port handling, shipping, documenting and POD operating.

Our internal target is to make our supply chain unbreakable, preparing different options for one same link of the chain.

Rawchem’s supply chain:

Since the start of Rawchem, our idea and effort have been acknowledged by more and more clients. Now we are handling about 50 items to different countries, annual turnover is over 5 million US dollar.

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